Born On This Day:

  • James Madison, 1751
  • James C. Petrillo, 1892
  • Josef Mengele, 1911
  • Pat Nixon, 1912
  • William Westmoreland, 1914
  • Leo McKern, 1920
  • Charles E. Goodell, 1926
  • Jerry Lewis, 1926
  • Daniel Patrick Moynihan, 1927
  • Bernardo Bertolucci, 1940
  • Eric Estrada, 1949
  • Nancy Wilson, 1954
  • Isabelle Huppert, 1955

Died On This Day:

  • Roman Emperor Tiberius, AD 37
  • Aubrey Beardsley, 1898
  • John Mason Brown, 1969
  • Thomas E. Dewey, 1971
  • Pearl Mesta, 1975
  • Arthur Godfrey, 1983
  • Stanley Ralph Ross, 2000

Today's Events:

  • 597 BC - Babylonians capture Jerusalem and place their King Zedekiah on the throne.
  • 1521 - Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan lands at Philippines. (Killed April 27 by natives)
  • 1697 - Indians abduct Hannah Duston in MA and kill her baby. 44 days later she kills and scalps 10 of them.
  • 1802 - West Point Military Academy founded in New York; to open officially July 4.
  • 1827 - Freedom's Journal, first Black newspaper in America, founded in New York.
  • 1870 - Tchaikovsky's overture-fantasy Romeo and Juliet first performed in Moscow.
  • 1917 - Czar Nicholas II abdicates throne; former royal family must face revolutionists or flee country.
  • 1945 - U.S. Marines conquer Iwo Jima killing more than 20,000 Japanese and losing 4,000 troops. WWII
  • 1959 - Dalai Lama leaves Lhasa, capital of Tibet, in journey over Himalayas to escape Chinese persecution; crosses India border 3/31.
  • 1964 - President Lyndon Johnson declares War On Poverty.
  • 1966 - Gemini VIII launched with Neil Armstrong becoming first civilian to orbit earth.
  • 1968 - American soldiers under Lt. William Calley murder 567 unarmed Vietnamese villagers at My Lai.
  • 1976 - National Theatre in London opens with 'Hamlet' starring Albert Finney.
  • 1995 - Mississippi finally ratifies the 13th Amendment approving the abolition of slavery (originally ratified in 1865).
  • 1999 - Dow Jones slips briefly over 10,000 for the first time but falls back.
  • 2014 - Crimeans vote to leave Ukraine and join Russia; US and Europe threaten sanctions; tensions mount.
  • 2020 - Another record-breaking plunge of Dow Jones - 2,997 points - 12.9%!

Feast Day of Saint:

  • Heribert of Cologne
  • Julian of Antioch
  • Paul the Simple
  • the Martyrs of North America


  • Feast of Spring celebrated in Lithuania

Non-Specific Holiday:

  • SHROVE TUESDAY. Day before Ash Wednesday. Also called Fastnacht (eve of the fast) in Germany, Carnival (farewell to meat) in Italy, Mardi Gras in Brazil and U.S. & Pancake Tuesday in Britain.
  • ASH WEDNESDAY, moveable feast day celebrated 40 days (ex-Sundays) before Easter.
  • PURIM or Feast of Lots (Jewish), celebrated on 14th or 15th of lunar month Adar.
  • HOLI (Hindu festival of Spring), celebrated early March
  • LENT, called Careme in France, Quaresima in Italy and the Great Fast in Eastern Orthodoxy. (between Feb and April)
  • SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FIRES, first Sunday in Lent.
  • CARLING SUNDAY, fifth Sunday in Lent celebrated in Britain
  • TENG CHIEH, Feast of lanterns in China (Fifteenth day of the First Moon)
  • PESACH or Passover (Jewish), begins 15th day of lunar month Nisan thru 22nd
  • PALM SUNDAY, Sunday before Easter and first day of Holy Week.
  • MAUNDY THURSDAY, Thursday before Easter
  • GOOD FRIDAY, Friday before Easter
  • LAILAT AL-QADR, I'D AL-FITR & IDU'L FITAR, Muslim Festivals
  • EASTER (SUNDAY) (March to May) the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (March 22-April 25) in Western churches
  • CHING MING FESTIVAL & QING MING (Singapore), All Souls Day in Far East
  • NOTE; EASTER is also called Ostern in Germany and Switzerland, Pasqua in Italy, Pascua Florida or Domingo de Gloria in Spain, Pâques in France, Velykos in Lithuania, Wielkanoc in Polish, Pasha in Greece, Påske in Norway, Påskdagen in Sweden, Zadig in Armenia, Paschen in The Netherlands, Paschoa in Portugal,
  • EASTER MONDAY, Monday after Easter.
  • RAMA-NAVAMI, Hindu Festival of Rama, celebrated at the end of March
  • CH'ING MING, Festival of Pure Brightness in China (Beginning of second moon (about March 21)
  • NAEFELSERFAHRT, Swiss pilgrimage the first Thursday in April to Näfels
  • COMMONWEALTH DAY in Britain Second Monday in March
  • MOTHERING SUNDAY - fourth Sunday of Lent celebrated in England


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