Born On This Day:

  • Napoleon II (King of Rome), 1811
  • Sir Henry Tate, 1819
  • Raoul Walsh, 1887
  • Dorothy Gish, 1898
  • Lawrence Welk, 1903
  • Sir Harold Wilson, 1916
  • Ralph Abernathy, 1926
  • Rupert Murdoch, 1931
  • Nigel Lawson, 1932
  • Sam Donaldson, 1934
  • Bobby McFerrin, 1950
  • Douglas Adams, 1952
  • Alex Kingston, 1963
  • Johnny Knoxville, 1971

Died On This Day:

  • Roman Emperor Elagabalus and mother assassinated, 22 BC
  • John Toland, 1722
  • Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman), 1845
  • Sir Alexander Fleming, 1955
  • Earle Stanley Gardner, 1970
  • Frank Clune, 1971
  • Whitney Young, 1971
  • Dr. Herman Tarnower shot, 1980
  • Richard Brooks, 1992
  • Slobodan Milosevic, 2006
  • Betty Hutton, 2007

Today's Events:

  • 1669 - Mount Etna in Sicily erupts.
  • 1702 - London's first daily newspaper, a single broadsheet called 'Daily Courant' issued.
  • 1744 - Samuel Baker and nephew John Sotheby sell 457 vol. library reaping £826 in first Sotheby's auction.
  • 1791 - Sam Mulliken patents 4 machines-grain thresher, hemp swingler, marble polisher, cloth nap raiser.
  • 1811 - Luddites revolt - UK riots led by Ned Ludd - workers destroy machines that made skills obsolete.
  • 1851 - Verdi's opera 'Rigoletto' premieres in Venice.
  • 1888 - Great Blizzard starts in USA; 200 die in New York in gale force winds and 50 inches of snow.
  • 1892 - 200 view first public game of basketball played at School for Christian Workers, Springfield, MA.
  • 1917 - British under General Maude capture Baghdad; soldiers from the Hampshire Regiment march into city.
  • 1918 - 107 soldiers in Kansas become ill with 'Spanish' flu, first of pandemic which kills 1.5 m. in US.
  • 1927 - First armored car holdup in America-Flatheads gang steals $104,250 near Pittsburgh.
  • 1932 - Extinction of an entire species- the last heath hen expires on Martha's Vineyard, MA.
  • 1938 - German troops enter Austria.
  • 1941 - Lend lease for Britain from U.S. becomes law enabling American-built arms to be loaned to Allies.
  • 1959 - Lorraine Hansberry's "A Raisin in the Sun" opens on Broadway starring Sidney Poitier; first play to do so by an African American woman.
  • 1985 - Mikhail Gorbachev chosen to succeed Konstantin Chernenko as Soviet President.
  • 2004 - 200 dead, 1900 wounded when ten bombs detonated in Madrid train stations; al-Qaeda suspected.
  • 2006 - Michelle Bachelet inaugurated as the first woman President of Chile.
  • 2011 - One of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, 8.9 magnitude, hits Japan's East Coast triggering ferocious tsunami; death toll 15,828.

Feast Day of Saint:

  • Eulogius of Cordoba
  • Constantine (Celtic King)
  • Pionius
  • Sophronius


  • Johnny Appleseed Day

Non-Specific Holiday:

  • SHROVE TUESDAY. Day before Ash Wednesday. Also called Fastnacht (eve of the fast) in Germany, Carnival (farewell to meat) in Italy, Mardi Gras in Brazil and U.S. & Pancake Tuesday in Britain.
  • ASH WEDNESDAY, moveable feast day celebrated 40 days (ex-Sundays) before Easter.
  • PURIM or Feast of Lots (Jewish), celebrated on 14th or 15th of lunar month Adar.
  • HOLI (Hindu festival of Spring), celebrated early March
  • LENT, called Careme in France, Quaresima in Italy and the Great Fast in Eastern Orthodoxy. (between Feb and April)
  • SUNDAY OF THE GREAT FIRES, first Sunday in Lent.
  • CARLING SUNDAY, fifth Sunday in Lent celebrated in Britain
  • TENG CHIEH, Feast of lanterns in China (Fifteenth day of the First Moon)
  • PESACH or Passover (Jewish), begins 15th day of lunar month Nisan thru 22nd
  • PALM SUNDAY, Sunday before Easter and first day of Holy Week.
  • MAUNDY THURSDAY, Thursday before Easter
  • GOOD FRIDAY, Friday before Easter
  • LAILAT AL-QADR, I'D AL-FITR & IDU'L FITAR, Muslim Festivals
  • EASTER (SUNDAY) (March to May) the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox (March 22-April 25) in Western churches
  • CHING MING FESTIVAL & QING MING (Singapore), All Souls Day in Far East
  • NOTE; EASTER is also called Ostern in Germany and Switzerland, Pasqua in Italy, Pascua Florida or Domingo de Gloria in Spain, Pâques in France, Velykos in Lithuania, Wielkanoc in Polish, Pasha in Greece, Påske in Norway, Påskdagen in Sweden, Zadig in Armenia, Paschen in The Netherlands, Paschoa in Portugal,
  • EASTER MONDAY, Monday after Easter.
  • RAMA-NAVAMI, Hindu Festival of Rama, celebrated at the end of March
  • CH'ING MING, Festival of Pure Brightness in China (Beginning of second moon (about March 21)
  • NAEFELSERFAHRT, Swiss pilgrimage the first Thursday in April to Näfels
  • COMMONWEALTH DAY in Britain Second Monday in March
  • MOTHERING SUNDAY - fourth Sunday of Lent celebrated in England


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