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Events of the Decade:

French Revolution begins
American Revolution ends
Peace at Versailles recognizes US Independence
U.S. Constitution in force
First Congress of the U.S.
U.S. Post Office established
Scandinavian War. Russia & Denmark vs. Sweden
Austria vs. Turkey
Turkey vs. Russia
Major famine in Japan
Mutiny on the Bounty
1st British convicts colonize Australia
Belgium independence

Who's 'In':

President George Washington
Vice-President John Adams
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson
Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton
Astronomer Sir William Herschel
British PM's: Charles Watson-Wentworth, William Petty, William Henry Bentinck, William Pitt the Younger
James Madison
Rose Burtin, first fashion designer
Chief Justice John Jay
Philosopher Immanuel Kant
Selim III, Sultan of Turkey
Benjamin Franklin
Lord Charles Cornwallis
William Pitt
Joseph II of Austria, Holy Roman Emperor
Rama I of Siam
Empress Catherine II of Russia
King Charles IV of Spain
King Louis XVI of France
King George III of Britain
Pope Pius VI

Who Died:

400 in Gordon Riots in London as Anti-Catholic mobs burn and pillage
30,000 in Italian earthquakes
Ethan Allen
John Cleland, 80
Eclipse (racehorse)
Thomas Gainsborough, 61
Frederick II (the Great), 74
Father Junipero Serra
Empress Maria Theresa of Austria
Samuel Johnson, 75
C.P.E. Bach, 74
J.C. Bach, 47
Torture in France
Denis Diderot, 71
George Hepplewhite, 60
von Gluck, 73
Canaletto, 60
Charles Edward Stuart the Young Pretender, 68

Bad Guys:

Benedict Arnold
George III
Spaniards in Canada
Count Cagliostro, Italian charlatan
Capt. William Lynch and his lynch mobs

What's 'In':

Able-whackets (card game)
Ben Franklin's bifocals
Hot-air & hydrogen balloons pioneered by the Montgolfier brothers
Ice cream in New York
Séraphin's Shadow Theatre in Paris
Flour mills
Robert Barker's giant panorama paintings in Edinburgh and London
Glass factory in Boston
Cigar factory in Germany
Hat factory in Danbury CT
Fuchsias and hortensias first seen in Europe (from Peru)
New York as the Capital of the U.S.
The cotton spinning jenny
The Oil Burner
The Patent Lock
Dancing the Bolero in Spain
First Thanksgiving in U.S.
Charleton, SC Golf Club
Marlebone Cricket Club at Lord's Cricket Ground, London
Condoms made from the oiled intestine of sheep
First U.S. golf course
Abortion clinic advertised in Britain
First Sunday schools and schools for the blind (Paris)
Porcelain artificial teeth in France
Carbonated soda water
Trial by jury in the U.S.
Bangkok as capital of Siam
Universities of Georgia, Pittsburgh, Georgetown and North Carolina
George Heppelwhite's furniture designs in England
Noah Webster's "American Spelling Book"
Chemicals manufacturing in Philadelphia inc. white lead, sulfuric acid, etc.
British Home Office
U.S. Army
Paddle-wheel steamboat
Self-winding clock
Mules in America
City of Los Angeles
The circular saw
Steel writing pens - the fountain pen
Nail-making machine
Threshing machine
Chlorine works as bleach
The Sport of Cricket


"The Contrast" 1st American play
Beaumarchais plays "Le Mariage de Figaro" and "Tarare"
Goethe's "Egmont" and
Friedrich von Schiller's "Don Carlos," "The Robbers," "Kabale und Liebe"
John Burgoyne's "The Heiress"


Mozart's operas "Marriage of Figaro," "Idomeneo," "Don Giovanni" and "Il Seraglio." Haffner, Prague and symphonies 39,40,41
("Jupiter"). Mass in C. Minor. Six (Hadyn) string quartets. Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Whataguy!
Haydn's "Toy" and "Oxford" Symphonies, "Russian" string quartets
Pianoforte first made
Young Ludwig van Beethoven
Salieri's opera "Les Danaïdes" in Paris


First dictionary in America
Clarendon Press, Oxford opens for business
"Power of Sympathy," by Philenia- 1st American novel
Jean-Jacques Rousseau "Confessions"
William Cowper's "Poems and Table Talk," "The Diverting History of John Gilpin"
Robert Burns "Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect"
Fredrich Schiller's "Don Carlos" and "Die Künstler"
Goethe's "Iphigenie auf Tauris"
Kant's "Critique of Practical Reason"
William Blake's "Songs of Innocence," "The Book of Thel"


Joshua Reynolds" "John Musters," "Heads of Angels," "Mary Robinson as Perdita," "The Duchess of Devonshire," "Lady Heathfield"
Thomas Gainsborough's "Mrs. Robinson," "Queen Charlotte," "Duchess of Devonshire," "Mrs. Siddons," "Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan," "The Morning Walk," "The Market Cart," "Cottage Children"
Jean Fragonard "The Stolen Kiss"
Jacques Louis David's "The Death of Socrates," "Belisarius," "Grief of Andromache," "The Oath of the Horatii," "Love of Paris and Helena"
Canova's monument to Pope Clement XIV
Houdon's sculpture of George Washington
Goya's "Don Manuel de Zuniga," and designs for tapestries, "the Seasons"

Fashion & Beauty:

The Derby hat
Pumps and silver buckles
Hair frizzled and powdered
Augmentation of hair in back of neck (sort of like hair extensions)
Shoes with detachable buckles
Rose Bertin's salon in Paris and her designs for court costumes
Brocaded silk
Brocaded shoes
Satin shoes and damask slippers
Bodiced gowns
Closer-fitting sleeves


Pennsylvania Packet-1st
U.S. daily newspaper
Pittsburgh Gazette
Times of London (formerly Daily Universal Register)
British Gazette & Sunday Monitor-1st Sunday paper
Political cartoons by Thomas Rowlandson
The Boston Sentinel
First French newspaper in America - Courier de l"Amérique
First political newspaper "Gazette of the United States" in NY


Decimal system adopted in America, the dollar is "in"
Financial depression in America; Dollar currency introduced
Bank of North America established at Philadelphia
First Building Societies in Britain
Bank of Ireland founded
State mints in U.S. - New Jersey first to use "E. Pluribus Unum" on coin
Trade tokens in New York


Roman Catholics in England - 70,000; Catholic chapels pillaged
1st Catholic diocese in US at Baltimore
After Revolutionary war, Episcopal Church founded succeeding Anglican Church
General Assembly of Presbyterian denominations in America
First English translation of Hindu Bhagavadgita
Franciscan Monks settle in Los Angeles
First Anglican bishop in America
Central European Mennonites come to Canada
Universalist Church of America founded in Gloucester, MA
First Unitarian Prayer Book
First U.S. black Baptist congregation in Savannah, GA


Planet Uranus discovered by William Herschel; he describes shape of Milky Way and builds 48" lens telescope
Nitrous acid, sodium carbonate, tungsten, uranium, zirconium discovered
Coulomb's experiments in France as to the nature of positive and negative electricity
Galvani's study of electric currents in Italy
Term "Protoplasm" coined
Seismograph for measuring earthquakes

New Slang Words:

To not know someone from Adam
Any port in a storm
Best laid schemes/plans of mice and men
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth
Every man has his price
All sixes and sevens
Cut off one's nose to spite his face


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