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Events of the Decade:

French & Indian War ends
Brits get Canada, Spain gets Louisiana
7 years war ends with Britain and Prussia victorious
Stamp act signed. Britain to tax colonies. Patrick Henry is mad!
Indian uprising in Michigan under Pontiac; bloody Indian revolt against British
Captain James Cook's 1st voyage of discovery around the world in HM Bark Endeavour
Daniel Boone is exploring American frontier
Coup in Russia; Peter VI deposed
Mason-Dixon line established
Robert Clive reforms India
Mysore wars between England and India Kingdom
English colonialism in West Indies and Pacific - they take Martinique, Grenada, Havana and Manila
Discovery of Tahiti, Solomon Islands and New Guinea by Louis de Bougainville

Who's 'In':

King George III of England
King Louis XV of France
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Captain James Cook
Ieharu, Shogun of Japan
Marie Antoinette
Admiral Horatio Nelson
Child Protegé Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart tours Europe
Madame Dubarry, Louis XV's mistress
Scottish explorer James Bruce
British PM's: John Stuart, George Grenville, Charles Watson-Wentworth, William Pitt, Augustus Henry Fitzroy
Oliver Goldsmith
Stan Poniatowski (Poland)
Edmund Burke
Edward Gibbon
Joshua Reynolds
David Hume
John Campbell
Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor, co-regent with mother
Horace Walpole
Architect Robert Adam
Joseph Haydn
Patrick Henry
Czar Peter III briefly then...
Catherine II the Great (Russia)

Who Died:

Stellers Sea Cow extinct
William Hogarth, 67
King Augustus III of Poland
Pope Clement XIII
King George II of England
Stanislas I of Poland
William Law
Canaletto, 71
Madame de Pompadour, 43
George Telemann, 86
Samuel Richardson, 72
Czarina Elizabeth of Russia
Emperor Ivan VI of Russia
Czar Peter III
Emperor Francis I
Laurence Sterne, 55
Pope Clement XIII 1769

Bad Guys:

John Wilkes

What's 'In':

The Madeleine, Paris
Potatoes in Europe
Dancing the waltz in Vienna
Wedgewood pottery
Christies auction house founded 1766
Cottonseed oil
A steamboat
First paved sidewalk in Westminster, London
Lightning conductors on tall buildings
Sorbonne Library, Paris
Lullabies including "Hush-a-bye, baby"
Botanical Gardens in Kew, London
African exploration
French literary salons of Mme. Necker and Mlle. de Lespinasse
Dover's Powder (Cocaine)
The card game Whist
Numbering houses in London
Schools for the deaf
Chambers of Commerce - in New York and New Jersey
18 holes of golf becomes standard for courses
British warship "Victory," flagship of Horatio Nelson
Brown University, Rutgers and Dartmouth founded
Pianos in America
The first safety razor in France
The Spinning Jenny
1st public restaurant in Paris
1st day nursery (Alsace)
Casino gambling in London
1st gymnasium (Breslau)
hermetic sealing
The Adelphi in London
City of St. Louis
Mr. Guinness's ales and brewery in Dublin, Ireland


"Hamlet" in Paris
Theatre Royal Bristol
Oliver Goldsmith's "The Good Natur"d Man"
Beaumarchais play "Eugénie"
First circus in England - Philip Astley"s
Goldoni's "Una Della Ultime Sere di Carnevale," "Le Baruffe Chiozzotte,"
Translation of Shakespeare into German


C.P.E. Bach "Passion Cantata"
Haydn's "The Philosopher" and symphonies 2 to 5, and No. 22 in E flat (The Philosopher) and his Great Mass in E flat
J.C. Bach plays in London
1st piano produced in America.
Organ hurdy-gurdy developed
Gluck's opera "Orfeo ed Euridice," "Alceste,"
Benjamin Franklin improves the harmonica
Child protégé Mozart's first symphony and his first opera "Bastien and Bastienne" in Vienna


English Romantic School of Fiction ("The Castle of Otranto")
Horace Walpole's "Castle of Otranto," (first Gothic Novel) and "Historic Doubts on Richard III"
Voltaire's "Dictionnaire Philosophique"
Denis Diderot's "Le Neveu de Rameau," "Le Rêve de d"Alembert"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau's "Social Contract," "Émile," and "Dictionary of Music"
"The Traveller," "The Vicar of Wakefield," by Oliver Goldsmith
Literary Club of London founded. Burke, Gibbon, Goldsmith & Joshua Reynolds hang around
Samuel Johnson's "Works of William Shakespeare"
"Tristram Shandy" and "A Sentimental Journey" by Laurence Sterne
James Boswell's "Account of Corsica"
James Boswell meets Samuel Johnson
William Robertson's "History of Charles V"


The Royal Academy founded, Joshua Reynolds, President
Joshua Reynolds" "Nelly O"Brien," "Georgiana,"
Thomas Gainsborough's "Peasants Returning from Market," "Mrs. Philip Thicknesse,"
Contemporary Art exhibits at Royal Society of Arts, London
Boucher's "Girl and Birdcatcher,"
Fragonard's "Corésus et Callirhoé," " The Swing," "The Study"
Greuze "La Bonne Mère"
François-Hubert Drouais "Madame de Pompadour"

Fashion & Beauty:

Paper clothing patterns by F. A. de Garsault

Unwaisted coats with narrow cuffs
Small pocket flasks
Stockings to the knee
Braids and buttons
Melton cloth suits with gold braid
Lace capes
Florentine silk hats
Braids and buttons


Morning Chronicle, London
St. James Chronicle, London
Almanach de Gotha


Catherine the Great issues first Russian paper money backed by land rather than gold
Frederick the Great founds bank of Prussia


1st Methodist chapel in America at New York dedicated
Jesuits suppressed in France & driven out of Spain, Parma and Sicily
1st California mission near San Diego
Pope Clement XIV
Freedom of worship in Russia granted by Czarina Catherine the Great


Kölretuer experiments with fertilization of plants by animal pollen-carriers
Swiss Daniel Bernoulli's experiments in electricity
Astronomer James Bradley catalogues 60,000 stars
Mapping of Australia and New Zealand by Captain Cook's crew; study of botanical and zoological specimens from all over the world
Hydrogen isolated by Henry Cavendish who proves water is oxygen and hydrogen
Morgagni's research into causes of disease starts science of pathology
Preservation by hermetic sealing

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