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Events of the Decade:

Britain, Prussia & Hanover vs. France, Austria, Russia, Saxony, Sweden & Spain in Seven Years' War
British take India
French & Indian War in America; Brits vs. French over who owns which colonies
Great Fire of Moscow destroys 18,000 buildings
China vs. Tibet
Population of Europe: 140 million

Who's 'In':

Robert Clive in India
King Charles III of Spain
British PM's: Thomas Pelham-Holles, William Cavendish
Ruler of Russia: Elizabeth Petrovna
Immanuel Kant
Furniture maker Thomas Chippendale
José I, King of Portugal
King Adolphus Frederick of Sweden
King Louis XV of France

Who Died:

120 British soldiers in the Black Hole of Calcutta
George Handel, 74
Domenico Scarlatti, 72
Johann Sebastian Bach, 65
King John V Portugal
King Ferdinand VI Spain
Henry Fielding, 47
50,000 in great earthquake and tidal wave at Lisbon
40,000 in Cairo quake
King Frederick II of Sweden
Price of Wales
Pope Benedict XIV

Bad Guys:

Nawab of Bengal and his black hole of Calcutta
J.F. Damiens, attempted assassin of Louis XV
Eugene Aram, English murderer

What's 'In':

First hospital in America opens in Philadelphia
Chocolate factory in Germany
Porcelains from factory at Sèvres
Halley's comet
Invention of the portable timekeeper by John Harrison and the sextant makes marine navigation possible
Horseracing at Newmarket, England
Sugarcane imported to America from Hispaniola
Gregorian calendar finally "in" in Britain
Ben Franklin's kite experiment proves electricity
Post offices in Canada
British Museum in London
Moscow State University and Kings College (later Columbia University) in New York
Machine to knit hose
Roller skates in Belgium
French Louis XVI neoclassical style of furnishings
Windsor chair is "in"
Chippendale chairs
Golf at St. Andrews, Scotland
(horseback journey London to Edinburgh took 10-12 days)


Comedia dell"Arte in Italy including the plays of Carlo Goldoni "La Bettega Del Caffé," "La Locandiera," "La Vendova Scaltra," La Famiglia dell"antiquario," I Rusteghi," Le Barufe Chiozote"
"King Richard III" 1st Shakespeare play presented in US.
Denis Diderot's "Le Fils Naturel," "Le Père de Famille"
"The Beggar's Opera" first American performance
Voltaire's "Désastre de Lisbonne"


Development of the French horn and trombone
First instruction book on guitar playing
Hit songs: "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "Lavender's Blue Diddy Dilly," "Cockles and Mussels, Alive, Alive O!"
Handel's oratorio "Jephta"
First public performances of music in Philadelphia


Voltaire's "Candide"
Henry Fielding's "Amelia,"
Samuel Johnson's "The Rambler," "Dictionary of the English Language," "the Idler," "Rasselas"
Denis Diderot's "Encyclopédie"
Edmund Burke's "A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful"


Neoclassicism "in" in Europe. Baroque and rococo fading
William Hogarth's "Ascension," "Hogarth's Servants," "The Shrimp Girl," "Four Stages of Cruelty," "Sigismonda," "The Election"
Joshua Reynolds "Lady Chambers," "Admiral Holbourne and His son," and "Commodore Keppel"
Thomas Gainsborough's "Mr. and Mrs. Andrews," "Milkmaid and Woodcutter," "The Artist's Daughter with a Cat"
Boucher "Toilet of Venus," "The Mill at Charenton," and his Beauvais tapestry designs
Tiepolo's ceiling of the Würzburg Residenz, "Allegory with Venus and Time"
Jean Honoré Fragonard's "Education of the Virgin"
Prussia's gift to Russia, The Amber Chamber, installed at Catherine Palace
Bellotto's "Fortress of Königstein"

Fashion & Beauty:

First Special children's clothing
Cotton velvet clothing first made in England
Machine for manufacture of stockings
Bosom Bottles - a small vase containing flowers worn like a corsage
Lightly powdered hair
Coats with large cuffs and inverted pleats
Flared pockets
Decorative buttons


Benjamin Franklin publishes first newspaper cartoon "Join or Die"
First Canadian newspaper, the Halifax Gazette
The London Chronicle
Samuel Johnson's "The Idler" weekly magazine
Public Ledger, London daily paper


David Hume publishes essay "Of Money;" Increase in supply causes increase in prices; Inflation is born.
Vienna stock exchange founded
Land tax in England: 2 shillings to the pound


Pope Clement XIII
American religious revival "The Great Awakening"
Baptist revival movement in Southern U.S.
Jewish sect of Chassidim founded in Carpathian by Baal Shem
Britain permits Jews to become naturalized citizens
Jesuits thrown out of Portugal


Kant proposes theory that there are other galaxies out there ("island universes")
Haller experiments with the central nervous system
Nickel discovered
Carbonic acid gas discovered by Joseph Black who performs experiments with Magnesia, Quicklime and other alkalines
First woman doctor in Germany

New Slang Words:

That's the beauty of it
To save one's bacon
To let the cat out of the bag
To bilk someone out of something
To bring down the house (applause/cheers)
Someone's ears are burning
Under someone's thumb


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