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Events of the Decade:

War of the Polish Succession
Yungzheng Period ends and Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty begins in China
Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA founded
Western Canada explored by Sieur de la Verendrye and sons.
Siberian coastline in Arctic charted by Vitus Bering and Russians
Turkey vs. Persia
Russia vs. Turkey
Persians massacre Delhi

Who's 'In':

Augustus III of Poland
Benjamin Franklin
Czarina Anna Ivanovna of Russia
Mahmoud I, Sultan of Turkey
King Christian VI of Denmark
Prince of Orange-Nassau and his Marie Anne, daughter of George II
Francis Duke of Lorraine and his Maria Theresa
Theodor von Neuhof, King of Corsica
Chi-en Lung, Emperor of China
King Louis XV of France

Who Died:

Augustus II of Poland & Saxony, 63
Czar Peter II
Daniel Defoe, 70
Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, 50
John Gay, 47
Antonio Stradivari, 93
Rob Roy
Dick Turpin, 33
300,000 in earthquake in
Calcutta, 137,000 in Hokkaido, 100,000 in Chinak
Shah of Persia
King Frederick IV of Denmark
Pope Benedict XIII
Grand Duke of Tuscany, last of the Medicis
Queen Caroline, wife of George II

Bad Guys:

Scottish Highwayman Rob Roy
English Highwayman Dick Turpin
Brits prohibit trade between America and West Indies by the Molasses Act of 1733
Sultan Mulay ismail, white slaver in North Africa, reigned 55 years

What's 'In':

America's first public library founded by Ben Franklin
Ninepin bowling
Cuckoo Clocks in Germany
Camellias imported into Europe from the East
Golfing Society at Edinburgh, Scotland
First horse racing in America at Charleston, SC
The first bear brought to the US is exhibited in Boston.
Sugar refining in New York
Discovery that crop rotation beneficial in agriculture
10 Downing Street as residence of British Prime Ministers
The sextant for measuring latitude
Celebration of St. Patrick's Day
Wallpaper in colonial America
Independence Hall, Philadelphia
The Trevi Fountain in Rome
Glassmakers in Venice at Murano


First puppet show in America held in New York City-"The Adventures of Harlequin"
First professional actors bring Farquhar's "The Recruiting Officer" to NY

Henry Fielding's "Rape Upon Rape"
Abbé Prévost's "Manon Lescaut"
Lord Chamberlain in England to censure all plays and public performances
"Flora," first ballad/opera at America's first musical theatre at Charleston, SC


Double bassoon developed
Handel's operas "Sosarme," "Orlando," "Ariodante," "Alcina," "Alexander's Feast," "Berenice," and "Xerxes" and 6 Concerti Grossi Op. 3; Oratorios "Saul" and "Israel in Egypt"
Bach's Mass in B Minor


Jonathan Swift's "Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift," "A Complete Collection of Genteel and Ingenious Conversations"
Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Man," "Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot"
Voltaire's "Lettres Philosophique" and "Histoire de Charles XII"
Benjamin Franklin's "Poor Richard's Almanac"
Samuel Johnson's epic poem "London"
Henry Fielding's 1737 Historical Register


Tiepolo and Canaletto hot in Italy
William Hogarth's "Fishing Party," "Good Samaritan," "The Rake's Progress," "Before and After," "the Harlot's Progress," "The Good Samaritan,"
Canaletto "Scuola di San Rocco," "Venice: Upper Reaches of the Grand Canal"
Flourishing of Rococo
Chardin's "The Draughtsman" and "Saying Grace"
Roubiliac's "Handel" and "Alexander Pope"

Fashion & Beauty:

White stockings for men and women
Whalebone panniers
Sideways hoop skirts
Pearls in hair and at neck
Taffeta robes
Flounced petticoats
Elbow-length sleeves
Straw hats
Mourning rings and gloves given away at funerals
Frock coats with flat collars in contrasting colors
Silk slippers with leather heels


Boston News-letter first report news of a concert
New York Weekly Journal debuts; libel case landmark for freedom of the press in American colonies
The Daily Advertiser in London
Grub Street Journal
Boston Weekly PostBoy
Boston Evening Post
Virginia Gazette, first Southern newspaper


Hoare's Bank, London founded by Richard Hoare
Mitsui Bank founded in Japan
Copper coins first minted in Connecticut


Methodist movement founded in England by John Wesley
First Jewish synagogue in America consecrated-Sherith Israel in New York
Pope Clement XII
Protestants thrown out of Salzburg
Seventh Day Baptists founded in Germantown, PA
Koran translated into English
Bible translated into Lithuanian


First successful appendectomy
Discovery of platinum and cobalt
The alcohol thermometer
Zinc smelting
Dieting for health advocated by Dr. John Arbuthnot
John Hadley's sea quadrant
Discovery of rubber by Charles Marie de la Condamine in South America

New Slang Words:

With brute force
A moot point
God bless you (after a sneeze)
Someone is a blackguard
Damn with faint praise


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