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Events of the Decade:

War of Spanish Succession ends.
Slaves revolt in New York.
Principality of Liechtenstein constituted
French take Mauritius, Rio de Janiero
War between Russia and Turkey
England vs. Spain, France vs. Spain

Who's 'In':

Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor
Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor
Frederick William I of Prussia
Queen Anne of England
King George I of England, first king of house of Hanover (later Windsor)
British Prime Ministers: Robert Walpole, James Stanhope, Charles Spencer
King Louis XIV of France
Child King Louis XV of France
Regent of Frqance, Philippe II of Orléans
Boxer James Figg
Madame de Pompadour
King Philip of Spain and his wife Elizabeth Farnese
Madame du Barry
Queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden
Czar Peter the Great of Russia
Peter the Great's mistress/then wife Catharina Alexajovna
Philosopher Gottfried Leibniz
Shogun of Japan is baby - Ietsugu followed by YoshimuneK

Who Died:

500,000 in horrible plague in Austria and Germany
200 North Carolina settlers by Tuscarora Indians
Witchcraft executions in England and Prussia
King Fredrich I Prussia
Denis Pepin, 65
William Wycherley, 76
Alexis, son and heir to Peter the Great murdered (by Dad?)
Joseph Addison, 47
William Penn, 74
Queen Anne
King Louis XIV France
Gottfried Leibniz, 70
King Charles XII Sweden
The Dauphin, Duke of Burgundy, duchess and eldest son
Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor
Nicholas Rowe, 44
Arcangelo Corelli, 60

Bad Guys:

Blackbeard the pirate (Edward Teach)

What's 'In':

Machine gun
Whaling as an industry in America; first Sperm whale captured
A calico printery in Boston
Horse racing at Ascot, England
Three color printing in Germany by engraver Jakob Le Blon
Meissen porcelains
Drinking chocolate in the Colonies
Potato cultivation in Derry, NH
Freemasons in England
New Orleans
Scriblerus Club, London literary "in" place frequented by Swift, Pope, Congreve, etc.
A lion first seen at Boston Zoo
St. Petersburg, new Russian capital
Soap-making in Boston
Fahrenheit's mercury thermometer and temperature scale
8-day clock invented in England


America's first theatre at Williamsburg, VA with professional English actors
Nicholas Rowe's "Lady Jane Grey"
John Gay's "Trivia"
Crébillon's "Electra" in Paris starring Andrienne Lecouvreur
Vaudevilles in Paris


The Clarinet first used in orchestra
Tuning fork invented
Scarlatti is in in Italy, Johann Sebastian Bach in Germany
George Friedrich Handel's "The Water Music" and operas "Agrippina" (his first success in Venice) "Rinaldo," "Il Pastor Fido"
Bach's "Orgelbüchlein" chorales
Bartholomeo Cristofoll invents keyboard for piano
Hit song: "Sally in Our Alley"


Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe."
Joseph Addison's "The Spacious Firmament on High," "Cato"
John Gay's "The Shepherd's Week"
Alexander Pope's "An Essay on Criticism," "The Rape of the Lock," "Epistle from Eloisa to Abelard," "Ode on St. Cecilia's Day"
Jonathan Swift "The Conduct of the Allies," "Proposal for Correcting the English Language"


Alexandre François Desportes "Spaniels with Dead Game"
Rococo is "in"
G.B. Tiepolo "Sacrifice of Isaac"

Fashion & Beauty:

High heels and large curled wigs for both men and women
Long coats with cuffs to the elbow
Brightly-colored silks
Deep-brimmed hats with braids
Pigtails in the Prussian Army
Hoop skirts
Tall hairstyles with lace pendants
Calico fabrics


The Spectator of England started by Addison & Steele
Stamp duty for newspapers enacted in England
The Examiner, literary periodical
The American Mercury
The Boston Gazette


English golden guinea's value fixed at 21 shillings
First National budget in Russia
First provincial banks in England
Banque Générale in France


Teaching of Christianity banned in China
Jesuits thrown out of Russia
Book of Common Prayer in Mohawk Indian language


Fine pointed syringe invented for surgery
Fahrenheit's mercury thermometer with temperature scale
Calculus of finite differences

New Slang Words:

A flat denial
Hit or miss
A little bird told me
Rotten to the core
To go hat in hand to someone
Everything is even Steven


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