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Events of the Decade:

War of the Spanish Succession; (Queen Anne's War on American Continent); British take Gibraltar
Second (Great) Northern War bet. Sweden & coalition of Russia, Denmark & Poland
England and Scotland joined as United Kingdom
British & Austrians vs. French & Bavarians in War of Austrian Succession to gain control of India
Chinese take Taiwan
Peter the Great founds St. Petersburg
France 19 million
England and Scotland 7.5 million
Hapsburg dominions 7.5 million
Spain 6 million

Who's 'In':

King William III of England and Queen Mary
Queen Anne of England (from 1702)
Czar Peter the Great of Russia
Ienobe, Shogun of Japan
King Philip V of Spain, 1st King of House of Bourbon

King Stanislas I of Poland
Frederick I of Prussia
King Frederick IV of Denmark
King John V of Portugal
Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I
Holy Roman Emperor Joseph I
Bullfighter Francisco Romero of Spain
Sophia of Hanover
Charles XII of Sweden
Duke of Marlborough
Archduke Charles, King of Spain
Isaac Newton

Who Died:

200,000 in Tokyo earthquake
Duke of Gloucester
Serfdom in Denmark
King William III Prince of Orange
George Farquhar, 29
John Dryden
Emperor Leopold I
Pirate Captain William Kidd, 56
Samuel Pepys, 70
Philip I France
King James II
Pope Innocent XII
John Locke, 72
Johann Pachelbel, 53
Charles Perrault, 75
Catherine of Breganza
King Peter II of Portugal
King Charles II of Spain
15,000 in earthquake at Abruzzi, Italy
8,000 in Great Storm of London.

Bad Guys:

Counterfeiters Thomas Odell of Boston and James Mar of NY

What's 'In':

Yale University, Connecticut
Buckingham Palace
Billiards in Berlin
Don Perignon's sparkling champagne in Hauvillers, France
Hunting in America restricted to particular seasons
Magnolias introduced into England from Japan
Horseracing in England encouraged by Queen Anne
"Enlightenment" - French intellectual movement
Jethro Tull's mechanical seed drill
The Darley Arabian racehorse
Eau de Cologne in Germany
The commode
The Bowery, 3 mi north of New York as entertainment recreation center
Copyright laws in England - the first anywhere
Mardi Gras celebrations
Grenades in war and the new soldier - grenadier
French furniture making adopts Louis XV rococo style with chiffonier, étagère and bookcases
Slat-back chairs in America
Oil street lighting in Germany
Queen Anne style furniture in England with drop-leaf tables, corner chairs and cupboards and china cabinets; cabriole (curved) style of table and chair legs
Court tennis (a.k.a. Royal Tennis) in Europe


Her Majesty's Theatre, London
William Congreve's "The Way of the World"
George Farquhar's "The Constant Couple" or "A Trip to the Jubilee," "Sir Harry Wildair," "The Twin Rivals," "The Stage Coach," "The Recruiting Officer," "The Beaux,"
Kubuki Theatre in Japan
Sir Richard Steele's "The Funeral," "The Lying Lover,"
"the Tender Husband"
First pantomimes at Drury Lane, London
Jean-François Regnard "Les Folies Amoreuses," "Le Légatair Universal"


Development of the mandolin, clarinet, slide trumpet and the first piano, the pianoforte
French horns featured in the opera "Octavia" by Keiser for the first time
Vivaldi is 'in' in Italy, Couperin in France
Johann Sebastian Bach's first cantata
Handel's "St. John Passion" and his opera "Almira"
"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" popular song in France (Malbrouk's em va-t-en guerre)


"The Selling of Joseph," anti-slavery book by Samuel Sewall
Daniel Defoe's "The Shortest Way with the Dissenters," "The True-Born English- man," "The Apparition 0f One Mrs. Veal"
Jonathan Swift's "The Tale of a Tub"
Joseph Addison's "The Campaign," "The Tatler"
Alexander Pope's "Pastorals"
William Wycherley "Miscellany Poems"


Beginning of the late baroque period
Hyacinthe Rigaud "Louis XIV"
Kano and Yamato styles of Japanese painting united by Ogota Korin

Fashion & Beauty:

Suspenders to hold up pants
Full-cut pants
Cambric/muslin shirts
Braiding and ruffles
3-Corner hats
Rings, especially large gaudy jeweled ones
Elaborate petticoats
Large earrings


First daily newspaper in London (and probably the world): The Daily Courant
Regular advertising first appears in weekly Boston News-Letter
Moscow Gazette first published
Daniel Defoe's weekly newspaper "The Review" published from his prison cell
First evening paper "The Evening Post" in London


First paper currency in America
Unmarried women taxed in Berlin


Pope Clement XI
Act of Settlement insures no Catholic can become ruler of England
First Presbyterian Church in America
Philadelphia Baptist Association founded; beginning of Baptist movement in U.S.
Catholic priests forbidden to reside in Massachusetts for more than three months
Cotton Mather's religious history of New England "Magnalia Christi Americana"
Catholic Armenian Monk order founded in Constantinople
Rise of the Sikhs in India
First Lutheran pastor ordained in America - Justus Falckner
Mennonite church built in Philadelphia


Edmund Halley predicts comet of 1682 will return in 76 years proving periodic comet orbiting of sun
Sir Isaac Newton proves light is made up of colors
Symbol pi (*185*) introduced to mean ratio of circle's circumference to diameter
First lithotomy (stone removal from bladder) performed in America
Leibniz elected President Berlin Academy of Science
Ammonium chloride discovered
Royal Observatory, Berlin
Denis Papin's high-pressure boiler

New Slang Words:

First use of "ain't" in England
Between the cup and the lip
Bless my stars!
To bamboozle someone
A drop in the ocean
To buy something for a song
To play second fiddle to someone
By fits and starts
Towering ambition
By word of mouth
To ram something down someone's throat
To put the finishing touch on something
From the cradle to the grave
Much ado about nothing
To play fast and loose (with)
To see with one's own eyes
Up in arms
Let me tell you!
Raining cats and dogs
Someone is a snake-in-the-grass
To sweep the board clean


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