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Events of the Decade:

French fleet destroyed at Cap La Hague
Russo-Turkish War
Battle of the Boyne, Ireland
Austria becomes foremost central European power after Battle of Zenta win over Ottomans
France, Britain, Spain & Holland say William III is King of England
King William's War; France vs. Britain for control of North America
War of the League of Augsburg, fought mostly in Netherlands, ends with Treaty of Ryswick
Calcutta, India and Kingston, Jamaica founded
Population of England: 5 million

Who's 'In':

British King William III of Orange and Queen Mary II
King Louis XIV of France
Czar Ivan V of Russia
Czar Peter I (the Great) of Russia
Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor
Charles's XI and XII of Sweden
Frederick IV of Denmark
King Christian V of Denmark
Augustus II of Poland
Stanislaus I of Poland
Edmund Halley
Philosopher John Locke
Joseph I, King of the Romans
Ahmad II, Sultan of Turkey
Mustafa II, Sultan of Turkey

Who Died:

150,000 in earthquakes in Italy and Sicily
2,000 in earthquake in Port Royal, Jamaica
Maya Civilization remains destroyed by Spanish in Yucatan
Jean Racine, 60
Christian V, King of Denmark
Czar Ivan V
John III of Poland
Queen Mary II
Christiaan Huygens, 66
Sultan Suleiman III of Turkey
Ahmad II, Sultan of Turkey
Jan Sobieski, Jan II of Poland
Mme. de Sévigné, 70
Charles XI, King of Sweden
Henry Purcell, 36

Bad Guys:

Spy Jacob Leisler hanged in NY
Pirate Captain Kidd
Salem witch hunts in America

What's 'In':

New reformed calendar in Russia
Place Vendôme, Paris
Halley's wooden diving bell allows oceanic descent of over 50 feet
The sedan chair
Postal service in the colonies
Calcutta, India founded
Rampant gambling at cards in American Colonies
Street cleaning in New York
Swimming the breaststroke
Steam pump to drain water from mine shafts
New England Primer, colonial textbook
College of William and Mary in VA
Languedoc Canal in France connects Bay of Biscay with Mediterranean
Street sweeping machine in London
First postal directory of addresses in France
Paper manufacturing in Colonies
Mrs. White's Chocolate House in London
Billingsgate market in London


John Dryden's "Don Sebastian," "Amphitryon"
Restoration Comedy is "in" with:
William Congreve's "The Old Bachelor," "the Double Dealer," "Love for Love," "The Mourning Bride"
Farquhar's "Love and a Bottle
Nathaniel Lee's "The Massacre of Paris"
Racine's "Athalie"
First play by an American at Cambridge MA ("Gustavas Vasa" by Benjamin Coleman)


Development of the Concerto form with Arcangelo Corelli
Henry Purcell's compositions for plays "The Fairy Queen," "The Tempest" and his music for Dryden's "Love Triumphant" and "Te Deum"
Alessandro Scarlatti's opera "Teodora"
The sonata is developed


John Dryden's "Alexander's Feast"
8 Fairy Tales told by Charles Perrault including "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood," "Bluebeard," "Cinderella," and "Little Red Riding Hood" in a book Titled "Tales of Times Past" and subtitled "Tales of My Mother Goose"
Congreve's novel "Incognita"


Hobbema's "The Mill"
Kneller's "Dr. Burnet" and "Hampton Court Beauties"
Spanish Baroque Style is "in" with Andrea dal Pozzo (ceiling of St. Ignacio, Rome)

Fashion & Beauty:

Much the same as the 1680's but with brighter colored materials and wildly contrasting colors, especially in bows and sashes


First American newspaper published in Boston but suppressed (Publick Occurrances)
First Women's Magazine in Britain "Ladies" Mercury"
Government press censorship ends in Britain
Lloyd's News published by coffeehouse keeper Edward Lloyd 3 times weekly
First patent medicine advertisements in the Boston Almanack


Bank of England established to pay for war with France; issues first bank notes
Massachusetts Bay Company prints first paper money
National Debt begins in England
Salt tax doubles in England; Widow Tax imposed
Coutts and Company opens in Strand, London
Royal Bank of Scotland founded


Hanging of Salem Witches
Pope Innocent XII
Presbyterian church established in Scotland
John Locke's "The Reasonableness of Christianity"
First Lutheran services in English at Philadelphia


Fossils are discovered to be the remains of plants and animals
Huygen's theory of light waves published
Denis Papin's steam driven pump with piston
Pendant barometer invented
Magnesium sulfate ("Epsom Salts")

New Slang Words:

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
To make ends meet
The long and the short of it
A cock and bull story


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